This course, “Storytelling through Presentations – Effective Presentations”, teaches you how to prepare and deliver a compelling presentation like a skilled storyteller. You’ll learn practical strategies for keeping your audience engaged and ending your presentation on a strong note. Additionally, you’ll discover how to effectively use body language and tone of voice to enhance your message’s impact.


The course also covers the framework of an effective story, including identifying and communicating key elements like the hero, setting, challenge, and resolution. You’ll also learn how to create an emotional connection between your audience and insights by visualizing the story in your slides. This skill is valuable for any type of presentation, whether it’s a team meeting or a company-wide event.


In addition to storytelling techniques, the course also covers how to identify and use data effectively in your presentations. You’ll learn how to draw conclusions from current data, use visuals and storytelling to share your findings, and present data in response to business requests. Furthermore, you’ll explore how to identify gaps in data and use it to drive informed business decisions.