The “Right Decisions under Pressure” course is designed to help individuals improve their decision-making skills when they are facing stressful situations. Research shows that changing how we perceive and handle stress can improve our overall health and decision-making abilities. This course provides practical techniques to leverage stress and turn it into a useful tool for identifying options, evaluating potential outcomes, and gaining valuable insights.

The course is useful for individuals facing stressful situations, whether the source of stress is related to the decision or not. By the end of the course, individuals will have actionable leadership and followership tools to use in emergency decision-making situations. The goal is to prevent stress from hindering adequate decision-making and to remain effective leaders even during times of crisis.

The course covers various aspects of decision-making, including how to uncover hidden options, consider potential outcomes, calculate costs, avoid common pitfalls of consensus-driven decisions, and successfully make sound judgment calls. By changing how we think about making decisions under pressure, we can use stress to our advantage and prevent it from becoming an obstacle to making good decisions.