Course Description                                                                                                        

Product Ownership with Scrum

Products and product lifecycles are now at the fore-front of the business objectives of every enterprise as compared to projects. With the evolvement of this stance, product ownership and management now put behind traditional project management. In this two-days course you will get to know some of the core principles, techniques and value statements behind the work of the product owner. What is it to be a product owner and how does it help in generating more value for your enterprise?


This course is intended for people with service management, project or product management background whose roles involve heavily delivery of value for customers, management of requirements, stakeholders, budgets and business strategies.

Course objectives

  • Learn about the differences between Project and Product Management/Ownership
  • Get away from painful handovers and focus on delivery of Value
  • Get a better understanding of the role and responsibilities of a Professional Product owner
  • Understand more and learn how to apply some of the practical tasks of a product owner.
  • Learn how to support best your stakeholders in an agile environment.

Benefits to you

  • You will learn how to avoid some of the common pitfalls with traditional management practices and how to concentrate everything around value delivery. You will get better with management of products and stakeholders in an agile environment.

Detailed course outline

Project Management is gone. Long live the product management

  • Why are companies focusing more and more on product management rather than project management?
  • Are the project managers an extinct kind already
  • What are the skills and competencies needed to be a good product manager/owner

Scrum Product Ownership

  • The role of a Product Owner in Scrum
  • Responsibilities of the Scrum Product Owner
  • Internal Collaboration with the team
  • External Collaboration with the outside stakeholders

Skills and Competencies in practice

  • Backlog Product man
  • Value Management
  • Agile Financial Management