Managing without authority

Traditionally, leadership roles are reserved for managers. However, it is crucial to understand that leadership is not limited solely to managerial roles. Every employee has the potential to demonstrate leadership skills in their everyday job, despite their role and position in the organization they work for.

The ”Managing without authority” course is designed to assist individuals in developing their leadership qualities, and deliver positive outcomes to their team or organization. The course encompasses a plethora of disciplines such as: how to engage and motivate others, how to steer and lead a team, as well as how to convince and persuade target audiences without possessing formal authority.

Additionally, the course offers strategies and techniques to overcoming unique challenges that individuals may encounter when attempting to lead without having the formal authority to do so. For example, communicating with team members who do not share the same vision or express discontent on the direction of a project. Developing and utilizing the learned leadership abilities, will help clients contribute to joint success, and become respected members of their teams.