In today’s fast-paced world, effective listening has become a critical competency that can benefit personal and professional relationships. Effective listening skills are essential for individuals who wish to succeed in their careers, build strong relationships, and become effective leaders. This course aims to help participants improve their listening skills, which can lead to private and professional successes.

The course will begin by emphasizing the importance of great listening skills and how they can benefit individuals in various aspects of life, such as achieving career goals and making positive impressions on colleagues. The instructors will provide an assessment of the participants’ current listening skills and identify common challenges that impede effective listening, such as distractions and biases.

Participants will then learn techniques and behaviours to enhance their listening skills. These techniques will include active listening, empathetic listening, and asking effective questions. The trainers will also emphasize the importance of non-verbal communication, such as body language, in effective listening.

Effective listening is particularly crucial in leadership roles. Therefore, the course will focus on the role of effective listening in leadership, including how it can build trust, improve communication, and facilitate conflict resolution.

In conclusion, effective listening is a critical competency that can enhance personal and professional relationships and improve leadership skills. This course aims to provide participants with the necessary tools and techniques to become better listeners, colleagues, and leaders.