Microsoft Copilot: practical use cases

Seminar – 4 hours

Introduction and ice breakers

Evolution of technology, from VBA to LLM

Introduction to Microsoft Copilot – general information, Office integration, application examples

Basic generalist use cases for daily application

  • Outlook
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint

Hands-on practice – group work in interest-based groups, focusing on PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook

Breakout sessions, one group for each tool

Q&A and brainstorming on how Copilot can be applied in daily tasks

Wrap up

  • Summary of key points from the seminar
  • Sharing links and resources with valuable information for individual users
  • For managers with teams – brief financial case calculation for Copilot application within the client company – costs versus added value
  • Reserve content – Top 5 most effective use cases for solo contributors/subject matter experts