Business Communication Skills is a comprehensive course designed to help individuals improve their communication strategies in the workplace. It starts by acknowledging that organizations are complex, and effective communication within them is critical for success. The course is structured around seven key questions that individuals should ask themselves before any major project or change initiative, helping them evaluate their organization’s communication strategy and identify potential gaps.

The course emphasizes that Business Communication Skills are not an innate talent but rather something that can be learned and practiced. The instructor provides practical strategies for mastering communication in the workplace, including techniques for getting messages across effectively, tackling communication challenges with colleagues and supervisors, and dealing with tricky situations, such as interruptions, critical feedback, and cross-cultural communication.

The course also provides real-world scenarios that illustrate how the seven key questions apply to different organizations of various sizes, locations, and functions. By the end of the course, participants will have the skills they need to improve both internal and external communication strategies within their company. They will be equipped with a toolkit of practical techniques, including how to use effective language, body language, and tone to convey their message clearly and confidently. Additionally, participants will learn how to respond to feedback in a constructive way, communicate with diverse colleagues, and navigate difficult situations with ease. The course is highly interactive, providing opportunities for participants to practice their communication skills through group discussions, exercises, and feedback from the instructor and peers.