Course Description                                                                                                        

Agile Transformations – Keys to leading successful change

This is a highly interactive and experiential live online program with a focus on leading change in Agile transformations. This course is taught using techniques from “Training from the Back of the Room”, “Liberating structures” and team-oriented games. The activities will help you understand and apply various change management approaches and models, such as Change Management 3.0, Kotter’s 8-Step Change Management Model, Lean Change Management and more. Duration: 2 sessions per 4h, live online sessions in Zoom and Miro


This course is intended for leaders, scrum masters, agile coaches, team leaders, project managers, and others interested in leading change management activities and agile transformations.

Course objectives

  • Understand how to apply innovative change management models
  • Build your own change management model
  • Learn how to support change and cope with resistance
  • Gather a toolbox with useful change management techniques and best practices

Detailed course outline

Session 1: Change management models

  • Change management in complex environments: The 5th industrial revolution
  • Liberating structures – appreciative interviews with a focus on successful change
  • The Mojito Method
  • Kotter’s 8-Step Change Management model
  • Change Management 3.0
  • Lean Change Management
  • Build a customized change management model, from ideation to implementation and continuous improvement

Session 2: Experimentation

  • Moving motivators
  • Coping with resistance: role plays and personal maps
  • Delegation poker
  • Change management 3.0 game
  • Game storming: Friend or Foe? (Stakeholder mapping and strategy)