Prepare the content

As everything else, the content that you will present has to be carefully analysed. You will learn how to understand its units, how the attention and memory span of your audience are structured so you can adapt your presentation. This is not so complicated: a little bit of scientific approach will make your content interesting and easy to remember.

Prepare yourself

As a presenter you are the only instrument you have to your disposal. No ppt or fancy effects will replace your presence on stage. Understanding how you function: stress, voice, emotions – will help you master your performance. Be ready for the public

They can be very scaring, staring at you expecting miracles – who they are? How to understand them? How to obtain their buy in?

Keep the public engaged: stories, stories, stories

Telling a good joke or presenting a business plan could have a lot in common. Simple tricks you need to know and eventually master to be the heart of the party or the remarkable presenter you always wanted to be.