Course Description                                                                                                        

Business Agility

This two-day course walks the participants through the underlying reasons for the rise of agile principles and methodologies in almost any business sector. It will take you on a discovery journey in the agile customer centric approach and will allow you to understand key values and approaches necessary to build a flexible and sustainable approach to team interactions, customer relationships and business success.


This course is intended for professionals from any business-related function and is specifically helpful for anyone having a customer facing role.

Course objectives

  • Understand what’s the big buzz with Agile;
  • Find the intersections between technical and business agility;
  • Apply Customer centric models in day-to-day collaborations with customers;
  • Understand how agile businesses operate and why are they successful;
  • Explore some great, and some (not so) good examples in how agility is being applied.

Benefits to you

  • . Get to know the best practices in building business agility models and be ready to apply some of those your specific environment. Build a deeper understanding in the way modern enterprises work, learn and thrive.

Detailed course outline

Agile and the age of Modern Business

  • Why Agile, Why now?
  • Digitalization as the norm
  • Tech is a tiny bit of the puzzle.

Putting it all together

  • Building Blocks of Business Agility
  • Sound bites

It’s all about Customers

  • Competition in the digital age
  • What our customers want and how do they get it
  • How are agile businesses winning over and over again?

But it all starts with You

  • Personal Agility – how it works?
  • Build, Lead and Sustain

And your team

  • Collective learning & exploration
  • Collective responsibility
  • Agility for every (non)-tech team